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STGA Blue Badge Training Course 2012-2014

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Welcome to the University of Edinburgh Office of Lifelong Learning, which in partnership with the Scottish Tourist Guides Association has been running the Scottish Tourist Guides training course for more than 20 years. The course offers a rich educational experience and a comprehensive curriculum covering everything from the geological formations of Scotland, the history and culture of this land, to the application of this knowledge in the everyday skills of professional tourist guiding. While the focus of training is very much on the final qualification that will allow you to practice as a guide, we very much hope that en route you will enjoy your study of the rich natural, cultural and historical heritage of Scotland.

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In addition, as one of the student group on the course, we hope you will benefit from being a member of our learning community, contributing to and benefiting from the discussion and support that such a community provides, both face to face, and online via this web site.

The Scottish Tourist Guides Association is the accrediting body for tourist guides in Scotland and awards the Blue Badge which is a registered Coat of Arms which can only be worn by Members of STGA and is recognised as the badge of quality throughout the tourist industry.

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